The GCC High Alternative

Cuick Trac vs. GCC High

Microsoft GCC High is a great product, but it's not the right solution for every contractor handling CUI. If you're trying to understand the difference between Cuick Trac and GCC High, you're in the right place.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Government Contractors Choose Cuick Trac over Microsoft GCC High


Reason #1

No Hidden Licensing Costs

  • Don’t get too excited by a low per-user license of GCC High. You’ll still pay monthly licensing fees for computer resources, secure storage, file sharing, firewall, SIEM, MFA, email, vulnerability scanning and more.
  • Cuick Trac’s per-user license includes everything you need.

Reason #2

Ease of Implementation

  • GCC High requires an overhaul of your company’s IT and operations. Plus, you’ll need to find someone to manage the technical and compliance aspects of the environment on a monthly basis.
  • Cuick Trac provides a fully managed, dedicated CUI environment that is remote and secure.
easy to implement
speed to compliance

Reason #3

Speed to Compliance

  • GCC High Implementations are unique and complex, taking a reported minimum of 40 weeks to reach a passing SPRS score.
  • Cuick Trac’s pre-configured enclave handles 80% of the requirements outright. And our security experts help you tackle the rest. Most reach a 110 SPRS score within 12+ weeks.
Cuick TracGCC High
Dedicated Environment for CUIY$ - Separate License
SIEMY$ - Separate License
MFAY$ - Separate License
FIPS Validated EncryptionY$ - Separate License
Secure StorageY$ - Separate License
Secure EmailY$ - Separate License
Secure File TransferY$ - Separate License
Managed FirewallY$ - Separate License
Business ApplicationsY$ - Separate License
Engineering ApplicationsY$ - Separate License
Fully ManagedYN
Implementation2 Weeks28 Weeks
Time to 110 SPRS Score12 Weeks Avg40+ Weeks
Technical Implementation CostY$30,000+
Scoping & Technical AssessmentCuick Trac Complete Advisory Services$20,000
Compliance Advisory$50,000
Documentation Packages$10,000-$45,000
GRC ToolFutureFeed Included$

Pick Cuick Trac when:

  • Your company doesn’t have 100% of your operation in scope.
  • You don’t want to overhaul your IT systems.
  • You don’t have $125,000+ to get compliant.
  • You don’t have 18 months to get setup.

Pick GCC High when:

  • 100% of your operation handles CUI.
  • The majority of your employees are in scope to safely handle CUI. 
  • Over 80% of your business comes from DoD contracts and requires DFARS 252-204-7012 .
  • You have a budget of $125,000+ to spend on a compliant environment.

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