On a 30-minute demo, a representative will show you how cuick trac will take work off your plate, with a focus on...

How easy it is to implement the cuick trac™ enclave
How to send, receive and store encrypted CUI
How to significantly increase your SPRS score
How the non-technical requirements get in place
How to prove compliance status at any time

During your demo, you’ll be surprised to learn:

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How much time you’ll save on implementation

Because cuick trac™ is purpose-built and pre-configured, we don't need months to get you set up, we need days.

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How to prove compliance status and be awarded contracts

Cuick trac™ takes on the responsibility of every technical practice of NIST 800-171, which leaves customers with a more digestible POAM for non-technical requirements.

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Why cuick trac™ doesn’t need FedRamp approval

With cuick trac™, we know (and you can prove!) where CUI is at all times, which is critical for the DFARS 252.204-7012 reporting requirements.

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How affordable cuick trac™ is compared to other alternatives

Many solutions in the market won't provide a clear responsibility matrix and total costs year over year, but we do.

Part of the most relevant industry groups and committees

Get a 30-minute demo from a cuick trac™ product expert

Cuick trac™ is a privately hosted, managed, & secure CUI enclave for organizations who need to comply with NIST 800-171 & CMMC 2.0, Level 2.
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