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Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

In today’s digitally driven world, multi-factor authentication is one of the most critical, yet easy to do, security measures an organization can put in place.

What is MFA & why is it important for DFARS/NIST compliance?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security measure that requires an additional step(s) for someone to take, in order to “make sure” that individual is, in fact, that individual…and not a “bot” or an individual looking to access information they are not allowed to.

‍It may sound “scary,” but multi-factor authentication comes in many forms, such as a physical key, a badge, an application, or a verification code.

Multi-factor authentication should be in place anytime access is needed to sensitive information both at work and at home. One extra second to confirm the user is real makes simple cyber attacks far more difficult to execute.

For the DoD supply chain, protecting sensitive data like CUI, FCI and export-controlled data, is an absolutely necessary requirement, in order to keep that information from landing in our adversary’s lap.

Attackers looking to access information that’s meant to be controlled will aim to obtain credentials of the individuals who have access to this information, or they’ll often deploy attacks on applications and systems where this information is accessed and stored.

Having MFA in between every device, application, or system, and the person authorized to access them is extremely important

For businesses that lack the resources to implement security controls, this can be challenging in terms of developing new access control policies, as well as culture change in the organization.

With Cuick Trac, MFA is in place both between the authorized users and when accessing CUI within the enclave.

Since these security controls are in place by default in our pre-configuration, the user doesn’t have to worry about whether it’s “on” or not, while only needing to authenticate one time (usually via their smartphone) when logging in to the Cuick Trac enclave.

Easily Confirm Your Identity

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) ensures authorized users of your Cuick Trac enclave are who they say they are at every access attempt and regularly reaffirms their trustworthiness.


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