The Spear-Tip of Our National Security: The Face of the Nation

Next week, on July 4, we celebrate the 242nd anniversary of the Birth of Our Nation. As we do so, the “threat landscape” is different, but more perilous. Consider this quote from former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel on October 10, 2013;

Stolen data provides potential adversaries extraordinary insight into the United States’ defense and industrial capabilities and allows them to save time and expense in developing similar capabilities. Protection of this data is a high priority for the Department and is critical to preserving the intellectual property and competitive capabilities of our national industrial base and the technological superiority of our fielded military systems.

Let’s Put a Face on IT

One of our Cuick Trac leaders often uses the expression – “put a face on IT.” He’s referring to the truth that even the most abstract problems have a very human component. In short, put a face on IT (information technology).

Team Cuick Trac believes that addressing cyber risk in the context of defense contracting is not merely about adherence with Federal rules and regulations, as it is about the ability to secure future government contracts.  The face of the challenge is that of every citizen in the land. This is about our National Security.

Consider this reference from a terrific article by Senior Airman Jeremy L. Mosier, 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs, of the United States Air Force.

Col. Jefferson O’Donnell, the 366th Fighter Wing commander, explained that during the 389th Fighter Squadron’s last deployment, aircrews dropped an average of one munition an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, totaling 5,018 munitions dropped over a six-month period at a 99 percent success rate.

‘America’s defense industry is an integral member of our national defense team, every member of a winning team deserves the opportunity to feel proud of who we are and what we do,’ O’Donnell said. ‘Our visit allowed Airmen at the tip of the spear to shake hands with those Americans who craft the spear.’

Compliance as a Utility.

Team Cuick Trac sees compliance with DFARS and NIST 800-171 as a utility.  A defense contractor, no matter the size of the firm, can use our hosted solution to make compliance useful, helpful, manageable, understandable and affordable.

Each citizen relies on certain public utilities for light, heat or even water.  A defense contractor can rely on Cuick Trac, a fully compliant solution, to be the utility that makes cyberhygiene, a robust business planning tool.

Again, Compliance as a Utility.

Every Defense Contractor and Sub-contractor, Across the Supply Chain, is at Risk

Cybersecurity firm BitSight said in a report on Feb. 15, that 5.6 percent of aerospace and defense contractors, and 4.3 percent of technology contractors, reported at least one data breach since 2016. Healthcare contractors were the most frequent breach reporters, at 8 percent.

“Not only can these breaches often affect government and private sector employees, they may expose data that is fundamental to national security,” the authors warn.

Put a face on IT:  YOU can manage cyber risk when you see it as a sacred responsibility to our nation, and as a utility to build a more robust business via real and personal Cyber Security.

Team Cuick Trac can help, give us a call and let us show you how to use compliance as a utility.

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