New Product Solves Daunting Compliance Issues for Smbs Within Government Supply Chain, Strengthens National Security

Formed in early 2018, Cuick Trac is a disabled-veteran owned-small business located in Golden Valley, Minnesota, that has recently solved one of the more daunting national cyber security issues facing SMBs and our nation.

A rigorous mandate put forth by the US government in 2017, requires (by law) all suppliers of the federal government be compliant with strict NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) controls, to store and protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Many of those required to comply, are small to medium size business, who are sub-contractors to primary contractors such as Boeing and Honeywell. Asking SMBs to not only find and implement multiple products and vendors to meet compliance, as well as manage their new-found security program, is extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive.

Failure to comply, results in fines and loss of government contracts, which to many SMBs, is a matter of feeding their families, or having to close the doors to their business.

Vice President and head of security for Cuick Trac, Benjamin Brooks, stated, “In order to help small business comply with such demanding requirements, one has to think what is most important to them. Costs. By keeping costs down, companies continue to stay in business and grow. That is what we always kept in mind when developing Cuick Trac.”

Since inception, Cuick Trac has helped sub-contractors assess their CUI data, and helped them vet out vendors to meet 110 different controls. In time, Brooks and his team found that although many great solutions existed, none of them were all encompassing.

What Cuick Trac did, was bring them all to together, to meet every requirement, at a cost that SMBs can afford. By doing so, SMBs can continue to win contracts with the federal government, grow their business and not have to spend time focusing on cyber security, and leave that to the experts.

Brooks goes on to say, “We have seen our nation’s data end up in the wrong hands. It is our top priority to help the supply chain of our government keep SMBs more secure and in business. It’s a rewarding feeling knowing that you’re truly making a difference in the marketplace.”

Cuick Trac is built up of 30-plus years of industry experience. Their experience in educating, engineering and consulting, has allowed them to create solutions alongside other security companies, rather than trying to “do it all.”

Brooks, a US Navy Chief, brings 18 years of technical and leadership experience, while President Jon Anderson, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Eric Power and Director of Business Development, Derek White, bring years of experience in business management and market strategy.

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