Get on TRAC With Information and Cyber Security

TRAC: What does it mean?

In today’s world of information overload, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. This is particularly true when it comes to information and cyber security.

At Cuick Trac, we believe in staying true to your values: Staying focused on what you do best when running your business.

The way we run our organization isn’t much different than how we run our daily lives. We believe in surrounding ourselves with good people and the noise around you seems less disruptive.

As information security experts, we know it’s important that our customers stay true to their core. Businesses have to manage and grow their business. As important as security is, not all businesses have the time and resources to manage it. To note a very sobering statistic from Verizon, 61% of breaches hit smaller businesses last year, up from the previous year’s 53%.

Noise causes disruption. Disruption causes Distractions. Distractions lead to reactionary decisions.

When businesses react to security, it costs more. Businesses need to be proactive.

Being proactive starts with annual planning and focus, no different than every other area of the business.

In order to help an organization take a proactive approach to their security, we help them get on TRAC.

What is TRAC?

There are four fundamentals to information and cyber security that we suggest businesses continuously focus on.

  • Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Administration
  • Controls

Each fundamental puts a focus on key areas of security.

Training – awareness
Risk Assessment – security posture and planning
Administration – people
Controls – technology

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and to kick it off, we’re launching a weekly TRAC series blog.

Together, with some of our friends in the security space (after all, we are a collaborative!), we will focus on a different fundamental. Not just discuss the problems business face, but ideas and solutions as well.

Statistics don’t lie. Information & cyber security threats will continue to grow, and can no longer be something organizations ignore. No longer can the excuse of “we don’t have the budget” be valid, because there are cost-effective, security-right solutions available.

It’s time for business leaders to start asking the question, “What’s the best and greatest value-added way to protect my business?”

The answer: Focus on the fundamentals. Get on the correct TRAC.

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